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Tackling COVID-19 training on QSRs’ front lines, plus menu must-haves for a ‘to-go’ world | QSRweb Podcast


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Podcast Summary
ESL Works Rachael Nemeth (Photo Provided)

Business for a platform that was once solely devoted to English-language training for front-line restaurant staff is skyrocketing today, now that the company — ESL Works — has initiated COVID-19 training for all front-line restaurant staff. Today’s first podcast guest is a woman who not only formed a company to address the huge food service industry need for mobile-based English-as-a-second-language training, but has also now launched a mobile phone-based COVID-19 training program, as well.
Custom Culinary’s Kim Letizia. (Photo provided) 

Rachael Nemeth joins us in the show’s first segment. Along with her co-founders, Jeff Silver and Kai Yen, she is helping scores of brands and many more hourly restaurant workers serve safely and confidently in a world where the pandemic is inducing uncertainty for restaurant employers, employees and customers.  

Then, in the second part of today’s podcast, the soup-, sauce-, and flavor-makers at Custom Culinary come on board in the form of the company’s Senior Manager, Customer Marketing, Kim Letizia. Letizia will offer her best advice and examples of the types of menu items best suited for a restaurant world where food is increasingly being forced to travel before being enjoyed, either via takeout or delivery. 

Letizia also has some interesting ideas about the types of comforting flavors customers are craving now, when most of us have had our worlds upended by the unforeseen pandemic we are currently dealing with. 

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