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Service helps brands build in-house delivery, bypass 3rd-party providers,

Irvine, California-based gig engagement platform provider, ShiftPixy, has launched an initiative that it said in a news release will « help restaurants reclaim their brand and customer relationships via native delivery amid COVID-19. »

Recent data and polls indicate consumers are dissatisfied with third-party delivery service and often blaming the problem on the restaurant brand they ordered their meals from. ShiftPixy’s so-called Restaurant Resilience Plan addresses consumer concerns around food safety and delivery personnel by allowing restaurants to repurpose their own, food safety-trained staff to facilitate deliveries and forgo brands’ reliance on third-party platforms. 

ShiftPixy said that brands which now rely largely on off-premise orders need to take steps toward vetting thoe involved in delivery to ensure they are trained in social distancing standards and sanitation procedures.

« Through our ongoing conversations with leaders in the fast food industry, we’ve heard growing concern about who is bringing the consumers their food, and whether they are properly trained to represent the brand, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, » ShiftPixy co-founder and CEO, Scott Absher, said in the release. « Ultimately, it’s in the restaurant’s best interest, as well as the customer’s, for uniformed food safety trained employees of the brand itself to facilitate last-mile delivery. »

The company said its Restauant Resilience plan addresses concerns consumers have about delivery services through a turn-key, end-to-end native delivery solution that allows brands to repurpose existing staff for deliveries, and establish what the company called a « white-label online presence, » while eliminating brand reliance on third-party delivery providers.

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