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Burgerfi launches training app | Fast Casual

Burgerfi has launched YOOBIC, a mobile training app, for its 3,000 employees across its 125 corporate and franchised restaurants.

« Having a platform like YOOBIC throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been a great benefit, » Burgerfi COO Nick Raucci said in a company press release. « We have been able to rapidly deploy enhanced safety protocols to our teams and, most importantly, maintain constant communication with our BurgerFi family during these uncertain times. »

The app allows restaurant companies to deliver gamified microlearning courses and quizzes through an all-in-one mobile platform designed for frontline teams while providing restaurant operators extensive analytical capabilities to track engagement and progress.

« BurgerFi has been a leader in food quality and the use of technology for nearly 10 years, » YOOBIC CEO Fabrice Haiat said in the release. « Their management team understood the need to enhance training and development in a user-friendly way in order to stay on the accelerated growth path that they seek. »


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